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MRA X-creen Sport F700GS

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The X-Creen is our new product. It’s an adjustable spoiler (available as a transparent or tinted...plus
The X-Creen is our new product. It’s an adjustable spoiler (available as a transparent or tinted model), which can be mounted on an existing windshield.

Dill a hole in the base windshield, in order to fix it.

It is also possible to clamp the X-Creen with the optionally available tension clamps "XCC" (please refer to index tab "accessories"), to the windshield, for example to test it or to avoid drilling the base windshield.

The X-Creen joints can optionally be mounted as a single hinged joints (model “S”) or double hinged joints (model “D”).

We recommend model “S” for customers who are comfortable with the height of the windshield and merely wish to adjust the angle of the spoiler.

Customers who consider model “S” to be too high or low, may try model “D” which allows for a height adjustment of 110 mm and, at the same time, an adjustment of the spoiler angle regardless of the spoiler height.

Hence, X-Creen can be optimally adjusted to meet the client’s individual needs.

Height: 390 mm (= + 210 mm)
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