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BMW S1000XR H3 Fog Light Set incl. MotoBozzo Switch

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BMW+S1000XR+H3+Fog+Light+Set+for+incl+MotoBozzo+Switch For mounting two VA holders, black...plus

For mounting two VA holders, black plastic coated, are used, which are simply attached to existing screws on the fairing. Longer new screws are provided, a rubber strip beats the panel against scratching.

The lamp cables can be obtained by either central mini-adhesive pads or cable grommet and hole (see photo).

These fog lights optimally support the existing headlamps, as they perfectly illuminate the side strip and provide excellent illumination in front of the front wheel. The supplied wiring harness is pre-assembled to simplify installation.

The two halogen fog lamps provide almost 180 degrees of illumination and, therefore, are superior to most LED lamps in this regard!

Switching is done with special electronics by double-clicking with the headlight flasher switch. Thus, the lamps can be switched at any time without having to take your hands off the handlebar.

A MotoBozzo switch control cable is connected to the on-board socket ignition plus, another to the high-beam plus cable. Thus, the system works completely independently, without affecting the CanBus system!

Function MotoBozzo switch:
After switching on the ignition, the lamps switch on automatically.
Now the lamps can be switched off by 2 x short trigger light flashing/pass switch (click-click) or also switched on again.

After switching off the ignition, the lamps light up for about 60 seconds - Coming Home function.
If this is annoying, simply switch off by double-clicking.

The operating status is indicated by an LED.

If it is desired that the lamps are switched off after starting, simply pull off the purple wire and instead clamp the green wire.

These lights, switched on during the day, increase your safety, because as motorcyclist you are much better seen!

Scope of supply.
2 pcs. VA holders, plastic coated, incl. 2 St .H3 bulbs each with 55 watts
1 pc. harness with relay, MotoBozzo switch and separate fuse (all pre-wired)
1 pc illustrated instructions
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