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Halogen LED Fog Lights for Honda CRF 1000 Africa Twin inkl. MotoBozzo-Switch-2

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LED Fog lights for Honda CRF 1000 Africa Twin with MotoBozzo-Switch-2 Lamps swing, because...plus
LED Fog lights for Honda CRF 1000 Africa Twin with MotoBozzo-Switch-2
Lamps swing, because they are mounted on the fork bridge.
Electronic control relay-free - switchable over the mini pushbutton.
The Honda control lamp into speedometer is activated.

The new LED fog light set at the Honda CRF 1000 is pre-wired and ready to plug in. As holder serve Inox brackets, which are easily screwed to the existing forkscrews.

The supplied wiring harness is perfectly fitting and completely prefabricated to simplify installation

The Honda special accessory connector prepared can be found at the top behind the speedometer unit. Into this our matching Honda cable plug is plugged in - including the coupling for an existing navigation system, etc. Thus, no additional cables are connected to the Africa Twin.

No further soldering or cable tapping is needed anymore and no connection to the battery / flying fuse!

Data LED projector lamp:
• Power 12V: 6W
• Power Consumption 12V: 0.5A
• LEDs u. Type 1 piece Osram OBF LED, very bright
• Fastening Points 2 M6
• Ventilation Membrane
• Material housing Aluminum / Alloy
• Material front lens PC hardened / hard coated
• Temperature range / operation range -40 - + 80 ° c
• Protection Class / IP Classification IP6K9K / IP68
• Aluminum housing, black powder-coated and structured
• Corrosion protection for 480h salt spray
• extremely compact design
• ECE, SAE, EMC approval

New generation 70 mm LED fog light with integrated control unit. With only 6 watts of power consumption they are super bright, additional wiring harnesses for an external controller become no longer necessary.
Nitto Denko Air Cap ventilation. Clear light / dark border and concentrated illumination without light scattering.
Very small installation depth (55 mm).

Function of the MotoBozzo-Switch-2 electronics
With switching-on the ignition the lamps are automatically switched on.

Now, the lamps can be switched on and off by by briefly pressing them once.

No matter which switching state was last selected, the lamps always switch on when the ignition is on (delivery status purple wire plugged in), so forgetting to switch them on is ruled out.
This can be changed by switching, then the lamps are always after switching on the ignition
first switched off (optionally retractable, green wire).

These lights, turned on by day, increase your safety as you are seen much better as a motorcyclist!

Package consists of:
2 VA holder pre-assembled with 2 LED fog lamps,
MotoBozzo-Switch-2, Minitaster and Honda special accessory plug with coupling
Illustrated assembly instructions
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