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LED Fog Lights BMW Ducati Monster S4R 2007 incl. MotoBozzo-Switch

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Halogen Fog Lights for Ducati Monster S4R 2007 including MotoBozzo-Switch Existing bore holes...plus
Halogen Fog Lights for Ducati Monster S4R 2007 including MotoBozzo-Switch

Existing bore holes of the aluminum side holders will be used - drilling is not required.

These fog lights optimally support the existing headlights as they illuminate the side strip / curve and provide an excellent illumination in front of the front wheel: side illumination 180 degrees.

The supplied cable harness is pre-assembled to ease installation. This set is supplied fully pre-wired with MotoBozzo-Switch.

With the MotoBozzo switch, the existing turn signal reset button is used for controlling. Thus, both hands remain on the handles for switching and a toggle switch is not required.

Functioning of the MotoBozzo-Switch
With switching-on the ignition the lamps are automatically switched on.

Now, the lamps can be switched on and off by applying the flash-light two time (click-click).

An LED-display shows the operating condition.

In case it is requested to have the lamps switched off when igniting, just detach the lilac wire and attach the green wire instead.

Switched on during the day these lights increase your safety, since as a motorcyclist you will be seen much better!

The supplied cable harness is prefabricated to facilitate the installation. This means, only 4 cables have to be connected according to detailed illustrated instructions.

For Germany only
The lamps have an E-sign and therefore, do not need an approval (German TÜV) , so they do not have to be presented and registered at the TÜV.

Including incandescent lamps in H3 12 Volt 35 Watt.
This results in only 70 Watt total power. Thus the live time of alternator is improved.
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