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Suzuki V-Stream 1000 ABS LED Projector Fog Lights

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MotoBozzo LED Projector Fog Lights for Suzuki V-Stream ABS Better see and being seen!...plus
MotoBozzo LED Projector Fog Lights for Suzuki V-Stream ABS

Better see and being seen!

Admitted lamp set, no TÜV registration or ABE necessary because LED lights are provided with ECE symbol!

For mounting the original Suzuki crash bar must exist at the Suzuki V-Stream.

The 2-piece holder is completely made of VA satin stainless steel and fit harmoniously into the Suzuki design due to their small size.

Now we come to the next very important point - the pivoting of the headlights.
Most LED headlamps have the disadvantage only to illuminate about 120 degrees. This is extremely disadvantageous when driving at night or in the mountains! On country roads and forest passages it is more than useful to illuminate the side strips to detect animals at an early stage and see curves still far before cornering. In the mountains it also makes sense to see early what is in the bend or curve to safely react!

For this reason, the lamp holder in this light set can be pivoted with one simple move. A plastic slide washer ensures a secure fit and can easily be adjusted by threaded screw when needed.

LED Fog Light :
Innovative and new projector LED fog lights with excellent light output. Latest lighting technology and a high-performance LED makes the fog lights to headlights that bear the name right. There are no unwanted scattering of light and a perfect light / dark boundary. The projection lens is made of hardened, spherical glass and thus cannot be destroyed by rock fall.

• Corrosion protection for 480h salt spray
• Lamp housing aluminum
• Waterproof connector
• Compact design
• Hardened glass lens
• ECE and SAE approved
• Development and production according to TS 16949 standard

• Innovative lighting technology
• Innovative design
• Bright, white light for perfect illumination
• White light colour and thus a harmony with LED or Xenon headlamps
• Fog lights with perfect lighting, no unwanted scattering of light
• High life expectancy of the LED, which usually survives a car life
• No costs for changing the light bulb, as typical of halogen
• Very low power consumption of 13W for fog lamps (typical 35/55W halogen in )
• Voltage range 12V
• ECE and SAE approval
The LED fog lights each have a separate control unit .
The basic kit of the light set comes completely with MotoBozzo switch, cables, clamps and mounting hardware!

Our Top - offer including MotoBozzo switch for switch-less installation!

Function of the MotoBozzo-Switch
With switching-on the ignition the lamps are automatically switched on.
Now, the lamps can be switched on and off by applying the flash-light two time (click-click).
An LED-display shows the operating condition.

In case it is requested to have the lamps switched off when igniting, just detach the lilac wire and attach the green wire instead.

After installation you will quickly see that during the day you are much better seen and therefore drive more securely.
As from the front tire, the road will be fully illuminated. You will have a much safer driving experience when driving at night.
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