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Crash Bar Fog Lights - Rectangular

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The crash bar brackets are suitable for almost all lights and fit on bars with a diameter up to...más
The crash bar brackets are suitable for almost all lights and fit on bars with a diameter up to 28 mm!

After installation you will quickly see that during the day you are much better seen and therefore can drive more securely. At night you will notice that beginning from the front tire, the street and side markers are better illuminated and easier to see.

The pipe bracket is made out of shatterproof plastic and allows for mounting to different crash bars or frames up to 28 mm. The diameter is adjustable from 15 mm to 28 mm with the provided rubber sealing strip.

In combination with the rectangular lights multiple mounting positions are possible (refer to photos) and a multitude of motorcycles can be equipped with additional fog lights.

Also available with an MotoBozzo-Switch for switch-less mounting.
Please select when ordering!

Functioning of the MotoBozzo-Switch
With switching-on the ignition the lamps are automatically switched on.

Now, the lamps can be switched on and off by applying the flash-light two time (click-click).

An LED-display shows the operating condition.

In case it is requested to have the lamps switched off when igniting, just detach the lilac wire and attach the green wire instead.

Set includes
• 2 halogen lights with H3 bulbs - 55 watt
• relays
• 2 lighted trigger switches OR MotoBozzo-Switch
• pre-assembled wiring-harness so that only 4 cables need to be attached

All main electric cables are inserted into a cable protective tube and controller by a separate fuse
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