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LED Fog Lights Honda Valkyrie F6C incl. MotoBozzo-Switch

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LED fog projector additional lights for crash bar (28 mm) mounting in polished aluminum For...más
LED fog projector additional lights for crash bar (28 mm) mounting in polished aluminum

For assembly, the original crash bar is used on the Honda Valkyrie. The LED lamps are perfectly staged with high-gloss polished aluminum tube holders.

The light set (2 pieces) comes in the basic version complete with MotoBozzo-Switch 2, mini button, cables, clamps and mounting material.
The electronics manufactured by us are operated by a waterproof mini button. For control pulses one operates
1 x short, this switches the lamps on or off. Same operation to turn off.

LED fog lights:
Innovative and new projector - LED fog lights with excellent light output. The latest lighting technology and a high-performance LED make these fog lights headlamps that are distinguished to be fog lights. Their here is no unwanted scattering of light and a perfect light / dark boundary. The projector lens is made of hardened, spherical glass and therefore can not easily be destroyed by stone chipping.

• Corrosion protection for 480h salt spray
• Lamp housing ALU
• waterproof plug connection
• compact design
• hardened glass lens
• ECE and SAE approved
• Development and production according to TS 16949 standard

• Innovative lighting technology
• Innovative design
• Bright, white light for perfect illumination
• White light color and thus a harmony with LED or xenon headlamps
• Fog lights with perfect illumination; no unwanted scattering of light
• High life expectancy of the LED, which survives a car life mostly
• No costs for replacing the bulb, as is typical with halogen
• Very low power consumption of 13W (per lamp) with fog lamps (typically 35 / 55W for halogen)
• Voltage range 12-24V
• ECE and SAE approval
The LED fog lights have a separate control unit.

Function of the MotoBozzo-Switch-2 electronics with Minitaster:
The MotoBozzo-Switch-2 is a small electronics that uses a mini push-button for switching on / off the headlamps / consumers and was developed by MotoBozzo itself.
This small electronics is sealed watertight and is switched by waterproof mini push-button, regardless of the last switching state!

After the engine has been started, the MotoBozzo-Switch 2 electronics automatically switch on the lamps first, and automatically switch them off again when the ignition is switched off, so no further switching is required.

The LED lamps are switched by key signal with the plug-in waterproof mini-push button. This one is very small and can be attached individually via adhesive adhesive pad, see photos.

If you do not want the electronics to automatically switch on the LED lamps after starting the engine, you can reverse-polarize them by plugging in 2 cables. Now, however, must be switched on after clicking each time by clicking.
A green LED indicates the operating status of the lamps, the LED cable can be extended or shortened as desired.

Scope of delivery
Precisely pre-fabricated wiring harness with MotoBozzo Switch 2, mini button, relay, 2 x LED projector fog lamps incl. Aluminum housing with 28 mm clamp, ballast and illustrated mounting instructions.
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