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Why do the new footrest adapters for the driver and passenger look so similar?
Not only does the adapter look similar but have different measurements. Driver footrests are usually lowered by 40 mm and passanger footrests by 60 mm. Depending to the model deviations could occur.

The price is different for different models. Why is this?
The passenger model also includes an adapter to make the sides level.

Is the footrest or handlebar adapter included in the price with the adapter?

No. The illustration shows a motorcycle with several articles on it. For most models keep the original footrest or the original handlebar. If there are any deviations, it is mentioned in the description. The price stated is specifically for the article listed.

I ordered my parts some time ago and you said that they have shiped. I still have not recieved them. What is taking so long?
In order to keep shipping costs in related, we ship our products via UPS. Occasionally, they experience delays. Packages entering foreign countries must also pass through customs. This can also cause delays. Shipping via an alternative currier will shorten transit time, but will significantly increase the cost of delivery.

How can I receive my parts expedited?
Utilize one of our dealers. Many of them stock our parts.

Are there any dealers in North America?
Yes. We have several dealers located in the United States. For faster service, we would be happy to refer you to one.

Why is my email not answered the same day?
Customers emails from outside of Europe are subject to extended delays because of time zone differences and translation delays. Emails coming from North America are generally received after business has concluded for the day. They are processed the next business day, but depending on the complexity, may need to be forwarded for translation, clarification, or additional information from a manufacturer when the inquiry is regarding a product that is not one of our own.

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