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MV Handlebar Weight for BMW R nineT, Scrambler, Urban and Racer

Fitted with the waterproof quartz watch in the handlebar weight, you have it always directly in view.

In addition, the handlebar gets even more weight at the end and is wider. 



MV GPS Holder for Moto Guzzi V85

The GPS holder with a 1 "ball, (25.4 mm) is attached to the two cover screws and is installed in 5 minutes.



MV GPS Holder for BMW R1250RS - Article-Nr. 10380

An elegant solution at eye level -
 for attaching of GPS-Devices on your BMW R1250RS

Since the original BMW GPS device is installed directly on the handlebar bridge, you have to look down while riding. This is security relevant and could become be dangerous.


MV Side Stand Adapter for BMW R nineT - Article No. 10103-R9

So that you reach the side stand better, we made this small adapter. It is attached to the pin of the side stand from below with a set screw. The total length is 45 mm.


MV GPS Holder for BMW K1100LT - Article No. 10378

The GPS holder is bolted to the existing cladding screws at the position.

You can use the solar thermometer as an accessory. This can be found in black under article no. 10306b or in silver under article no. 10306.


The BMW R nineT Coronation for R nineT, Scrambler, Urban and Racer - Article No. 10374

Crown your R nineT!

In just 3 minutes of cultivation time with a clamp complete your retro.

They not only improve the appearance, the engine gets even more cooling.


MV Bag holder for Vaude or Ortlieb bags at the motorcycle - Article No. 905220

This low-cost luggage solution will be installed in place of the passenger footrest. The bag is 100% waterproof.

The holder is made of 6 mm V2A and black powder coated. and fits every motorcycle.

The Vaude bags can be found in the shop here.


MV GPS Holder for BMW F850GS and Adventure for original BMW GPS devices and other GPS devices 

The elegant solution at eye level!
For mounting navigation devices on the BMW F850GS and Adventure (Article No. 10372).

Our holder is attached to the covering, near the windshield, at two existing screws. As a result, the navigation system is almost at eye level. The fittings are not obscured by this.

We offer the holder in two versions:
• for Navis, which are attached with a 25 mm ball.
• If you want to set your navigation device higher with the original BMW holder, you need our holding system for BMW Navis.


MV accessories for BMW R1250GS LC

Now you also will find our proven accessories for the BMW R1250GS LC  in our shop such as MV handlebar adapter 30 mm (Article No. 901449), MV Sport rider driver (Article No. 907938), MV stable rider footrest (Article No. 907939) as well the MV Seat Lowering (Article No. 10371).


To enjoy the winter, I tried a lot. The electrically heated soles or gloves had many mistakes. Especially in the foot area I had bad results, especially the toes were not warm. Due to repeated failures, e.g. cable break in the sole area and lack of strain relief on the connectors, the electrical connection was not guaranteed, which is not always noticed immediately. The cables had to be pulled awkwardly through the suit.

When looking for other options, I discovered the heated soles. I could not believe that they held the heat for 8 hours, so I tested them and I'm thrilled. At the same time, I had boots that were perfectly fitting and had to realize that after approx. 4 hours, the heat output slowed down. I took the soles out of my boots for about 10 minutes. So the soles developed their full warmth again and actually lasted 8 hours. This year I bought boots one size bigger and was able to drive through at minus 5 ° with warm feet.

It is also possible to stop the heating process by wrapping the soles tightly in a plastic bag and then releasing heat again later. But they are only intended for single use so not reusable.

Now to the hands.
Who has heated handles on the bike should not opt ​​for thick finger gloves. They ensure that the heat does not arrive at the fingertips. Better are mittens, e.g. Bundeswehr gloves. Here, the inner surface is kept relatively thin, so the heat can reach better to the fingertips.

If you do not have handle heating, you can use the chemical pads. They should, however, be stored on the fingertips. The gloves of the company Head Company would also offer this, they have an internal pocket to place the pads.

The cold bridge seat can be covered with a lambskin or Airhawk pillow, in which the air warms up by the body heat.

And now some self-promotion. For safety reasons, we recommend our snow claws. Here is the link to the snow claws. They are fast, lashed in at most 5 minutes and are only needed at the rear wheel. So you are optimally equipped even in case of sudden snowfall.

Have a good ride even in winter season,
Your Günter Verholen


Winter Time = Time for motorcycling!

For this season we offer you our MV Snow Chains for Motorcycles – as set with 3 or 5 pieces – details you will find in our shop under part no. 10107

This universal snow claw is not only ideal as a snow chain, but also as traction help, for off-road driving or in the rain forest, in the desert, on gravel or unpaved roads, in the mud, etc.

Our snow claws / chains for the motorcycle are changed quickly even with the gloves on it is not a problem. We could also help a car driver out of a snowdrift. You always are prepared for all eventualities, f.e. if the road was not cleared in time.