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MV Motorrad - Technik GmbH
Monika Verholen
Energiestr. 3
41751 Viersen
Phone: 0049 (0 ) 21 62 - 32 5 64
Telefax: 0049 (0) 21 62 - 34 5 82

VAT-No.: DE 813346026
Commercial Registry No.: HRB 10553
Registration Office: Amtsgericht Mönchengladbach

Office Hours
During the riding season (March - October), we are not always able to answer your email immediately. Customers outside of Europe may experience a delay of a day or two, should the email need to be translated.

For faster service, you may call us at +49-02162 - 32564. We are available Monday - Friday: Monday - Thursday 8.00-12.00h CET, 13.00-19.00h CET. On Fridays we are available 8.00-15.00h CET .Saturday is closed

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The platform of the European Commission for online dispute resolution (OS platform) can be reached via the following link: