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Made to Order Footrests for ALL Bikes

Whether for rider or passenger - our adjustable lowered footrests are already available for a variety of motorcycles. If your model is not listed, simply give us your footrests' measurements and we will add your model to our program.

The lowered footrest will not cost 1 cent more.

Due to the continuous model changes by the manufacturers, we have considered the following:
Please send us a photo of your footrest photographed from above and from the side. With this photo we can decide, whether lowering is possible in advance.

After our check based on your photo, please send us your footrest so that we can take the measurements. Upon receipt of your foot rest, we will send it back to you within two days. Thus we avoid measurement errors and unnecessary costs.

Please make sure that the gear and the brake lever do not interfere and that the exhaust does not disturb the passenger. The peg holder must be open downwards, otherwise a lowering of the foot rest is not possible.