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LED Fog Lights BMW R1200GS Adventure aircooled incl. MotoBozzo-Switch

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LED Fog Lights with (German) E-Approval for Quick Installation BMW R1200GS Adventure Air Cooled...más
LED Fog Lights with (German) E-Approval for Quick Installation BMW R1200GS Adventure Air Cooled
The LED lights bring an incredibly bright white light and are comparable with xenon light!

Installation couldn't be simpler. The existing bore holes under the crash bar will be used - drilling is not required.
The LED lamps fit harmoniously into the BMW Design.

The holder is made of brushed V2A stainless steel. LED lamps, control gears, relay and the MotoBozzo-Switch are pre-assembled at the retaining plate. The set consists of plugs suitable for BMW. This allows a solderless, quick installation which almost everyone can arrange in maximum 30 minutes without an electrician. Thus assembly cost of a service center will be reduced to a minimum; nothing but the controll LED and the cable straps have to be attached.

Take a look:

A reprogramming of the control device through BMW is not necessary. This saves additional cost!

LED Fog Lights

Innovative and new 70 mm LED fog light with brilliant luminous efficacy. Modern lighting technology and high-performance LED make these fog lights to headlights which are headlights.

No undesired scattering of the light, perfect bright/dark border. Very low installation depth of 55 mm only.

The LED lamps have an
• aluminum housing, black powder coated and patterned
• corrosion protection for 480h salt spray
• waterproof connector
• extremely compact design
• overall depth fog light only about 55 mm!
• hardened plastic disc
• all types of the 70 family compatible with each other
• ECE and SAE approved
• designed and manufactured according to TS 16949 standard

• innovative lighting technology
• innovative design
• bright, white light for perfect illumination
• white light color and thus a harmony with Xenon headlights
• fog lamps with perfect illumination, no unwanted scattering of light
• long life expectancy of the LED, the mostly lives longer than a car
• no cost for changing the light bulb, as typical with halogen
• very low power consumption of 13 W forfog lights (typically 35 / 55 W with halogen)
• voltage range 12 V
• ECE and SAE approval

The LED fog lights come with an additional control unit.The LED fog lights are supplied with an additional controlling device.

Functioning of the MotoBozzo-Switch
With switching-on the ignition the lamps are automatically switched on.

Now, the lamps can be switched on and off by applying the flash-light two time (click-click).
An LED-display shows the operating condition.

In case it is requested to have the lamps switched off when igniting, just detach the lilac wire and attach the green wire instead.

After installation you will quickly see that during the day you are much better seen and therefore drive more securely. At night you will notice that beginning from the front tire.
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