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AIRHAWK 2® Comfort Seating System - cojín del asiento

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On long distances sitting causes a strain on the body. The great pressure on the ischium humps...más
On long distances sitting causes a strain on the body. The great pressure on the ischium humps reduces the blood circulation, resulting in numbness and "falling asleep" of the legs. In addition, joints and back are strained. The AIRHAWK 2- seat cushion eliminates these problems and allows for a comfortable sitting during the whole trip.

The patented DRY FLOATATION® TECHNOLOGY of AIRHAWK 2®-seat cushion can be compared with the pressure-relieving properties of water. One sits deep in a seat cushion that is made of individual air cells which evenly distributes the body weight over the entire sitting surface. In this way the blood flow is improved.

For Piaggio scooter
Since the Piaggio scooter has a very hard suspension, we recommend the softest position of the strut and this Airhawk cushion.

We supply the seat with an additional rubber cord and hook for easy fixing under the seat bench or other
place with easy access.

- Increase of the seat by only 3,5 cm
- High level of seating comfort
- Reduction of vibration and shocks
- Washable cover (at 30 C) with non-slip coating on the underside and on the top stretch fabric
- Breathable to improve circulation
- Water-resistant material in the seat cushion
- Attachment loops for additional security
- Fits most bikes for driver and passenger
- Weight – abt. 300 g incl. cover

Available in size
mittel 37 x 37 cm (round)

I as a frequent driver - 50.000 kms a year – was looking for a solution and like many other experimented with the support of a lambskin, a gel layer, then two gel layers in the seat bench like many others.
But these were only small improvements.

Then I discovered the Airhawk pillow. Under reservation, I thought I had no real contact with the bike. Fortunately this has not been confirmed due to the leg closing which one has automatically.

The most important aspect for me is that the hard blows of broken roads are reduced by at least 50%.

In my opinion this effect comes arises by the channels connecting the air chambers. Due to the overflow from one chamber to another, a stable filling and emptying occurs.

That means the blow is energy that is turned into movement.

Since the motorcycle is a one-lane vehicle, the suspension can never be as homogeneous as the car.

The back is a delicate body part and cannot tolerate these hard blows. Therefore, you should take care of it accordingly.

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